Questions about Buyer
  • 1. What service does Indigo My Chiang Mai Home provide?

    We provide sale and rental services for land, condos, houses and businesses. We also give advice to owners who wish to sell or rent out their properties and also to prospective buyers and tenants to find the best property for their needs.

  • 2. How can I buy a property in Chiang Mai?
  • 3. Who pays the agent?

    Generally the seller or the landlord pays the agent.

  • 4. I'm an owner. Do I need to register my tenants with immigration?

    Yes. By law, you're required to report to the Immigration Department within 24 hours of a foreigner moving into your property. Please check here for more information: REGISTRATION OF FOREIGN TENANTS WITH THAI IMMIGRATION

  • For more information or if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions - Tenants
  • 1. Do I need a long term visa to rent a property?

    No, but please keep in mind that your rental contract should correspond to the length of your visa. Don't sign a 1 year contract if you're not sure you can stay in Thailand for this period as you might not be able to get your deposit back.

  • 2. When do I get my deposit back at the end of the lease period?

    Generally about 30-45 days after you've returned the property, provided you've fulfilled the requirements of the contract eg. lease period. It's possible that there may be some deductions, for example, if your last utilities bills are not paid, if there is damage to the property, if the property has not been cleaned, etc.

  • 3. What are common area fees and moo baan fees?

    These are monthly fees (sometimes paid yearly) to the management of the condo or moo bans (compounds/ housing estates) to maintain the public areas of the condo or community. These are generally paid by the tenants, but are sometimes included in the rental. We generally will let you know if these fees are payable. Please also check with us if you're not sure.

  • 4. How do I pay rent?

    Generally, tenants generally pay directly into the owner's bank accounts. Please keep the deposit slip as proof of payment.

  • 5. Who keeps the deposit?

    Generally, the owner keeps the deposit. In most cases, we haven't had problems with the owners returning deposits to tenants. Sometimes there are some deductions (please see point 2)

  • 6. Do properties come with internet connection?

    Generally no. It's the tenant responsibility to get an internet contract with the service providers themselves (unless otherwise stated). Generally internet service is very good in Chiang Mai.

  • For more information or if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.