Chiang Mai Housing Options – Living in a Moo Baan (Gated Community / Compound)

Mon, 16 May 2016 | Viewed: 758 times

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 When moving to Chiang Mai, you’ll find that there are several popular housing options.


- Living in gated community / compound. (Generally referred in Thailand as "moo baan”)

- Living outside a gated community. (Generally referred to as "Thai community” or "Thai village”)

- Living in an apartment or condo


In this article, I’ll discuss gated community living and advantages of living in such a community.


Gated communities in Chiang Mai are usually walled housing communities with one or more gates in and out of the compound. These gates are controlled by security guards.


Gated communities are usually a popular option as they usually have security or other facilities such as a communal pool, fitness centre and other recreation areas such as a park, garden or playground.


Fitness centre at Laddarom Elegance Home Payap 


Moo baans are generally managed by a juristic body elected by the residents and often have a community management fee to take care of things like communal facilities in the moo baan, garbage collection, etc.


Tennis court at Moo Baan Laddarom Elegance Home Payap


If you’ll be renting, you should check with the owner / agent if these fees are included in the rent. Sometimes they are included, sometimes they are not. If you’ll be buying, you should check if the fees are up to date.


The amount of the moo baan management fees varies between communities are set by the juristic body and this will depend on the running costs of the community. You’d expect to pay more in compounds with more facilities.


 Pool at Moo Baan Siriporn 9


Moo baans are often preferred by people who would like to have added security as they might often spend a lot of time away from home; families with children; and people who are generally concerned about security and would like the convenience of community facilities.


There are also community rules in place for residents. These are generally things like taking your dog out on a leash; what happens if a dog attacks a person, etc. Each moo baan will have their own rules and how strictly the rules are enforced also varies.


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