Why Chiang Mai Is Considered the Best Option for Vibrant yet Relaxed Living Atmosphere

Thu, 23 September 2021 | Viewed: 227 times

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However busy modern the world becomes, there is still a charm associated with the old world that excites and captivates each and every one. And this is what northern Thailand city Chiang Mai is known for. The ancient Lanna Kingdom capital gives exciting glimpse of that fascinating past, while holding itself strong in the face of the modern development.


Chiang Mai is considered one of the best live-able cities, not just in Asia, but the entire world.

So, what makes people, especially digital nomads, flock to this city and make it their home? We take a look at the reasons:

Old world charm: There is something distinct about the air and culture of this city, which is absent everywhere else. Flanked by wooden houses alongside the river and presence of hundreds of serene Buddhist temples makes Chiang Mai one of the most comforting place to live.

Cheap to live: Who does not want to live in a place that is quiet cheap? The cost of living in Chiang Mai is much lower than other cities.

Digitally advanced with western amenities: When you can get a serene & comfortable place to live without any bustle of crowded metros, and is equipped with advanced digital infrastructure (WiFi & 4G), what else do you need? Chiang Mai is considered as a ‘Digital City’, making it very popular amongst the digital nomads to live and work from here.


There are also many good hospitals, exotic food restaurants serving international cuisine, good transport system and modern infrastructure. Chiang Mai certainly does not lack in modern amenities while still maintaining its old-world charm.

Amazing weather: Nestled amongst picturesque mountains, with weather ranging between 28C to 36C in daytime, cooling to 14C to 24C at night, it’s a great escape from the scorching heat of Bangkok.

Low crime rate: One of the most important factors people look in a place to live is safety, and this is what Chiang Mai offers, as it has been considered as one of the safest places to live.

Culturally Vibrant: The people are very friendly and welcoming, which justifies why Chiang Mai has a high happy index rate. The local food is amazingly delicious, and there is a plethora of vibrant festivals to indulge in some great activities.

Residential Infrastructure: The residential infrastructure has grown tremendously in the past few years, meaning convenient and luxurious options to buy or rent house in Chiang Mai. In the last few years, Condo culture has really grown, as these are great options for modern-style living amidst the classical beauty of the Chiang Mai.

So, if you are looking to come closer to the nature, indulge in culturally vibrant activities set amidst a peaceful environment; then Chiang Mai is definitely the best option. You can look for quality and cost-effective houses for sale in Chiang Mai, and other living options in accordance to your requirement.