Vacant Property Care - Home check service for owners who are away from their homes

Tue, 3 November 2015 | Viewed: 626 times

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Vacant Property Care (VPC) Home Check is a service that offers peace of mind to property owners and tenants that are away from their homes, condominiums or investment properties for extended periods.

Home Check will regularly visit, inspect and report on the status both indoors and out of your vacant property.
These checks will not only show a regular presence but notify you earlier of break-ins, squatters, fire damage, flooding or other maintenance issues, including vermin and insect infestations.
The early detection and removal of rats, ants and termites is especially important.
VPC checks and reports not only offer earlier detection but as an added service, where possible, we will address problems while you are away, using only maintenance or service contacts that you approve or recommend. 

VPC will take photos and make a report with each and every visit, even when no problem is found, and send them to you.
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