Buying Property in Chiang Mai

Thu, 29 July 2021 | Viewed: 1,326 times

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How to buy properties in Chiang Mai?
Foreigners are able to purchase a condominium in Thailand in their own name. The registration of the sale will be recorded on the title deed.
The buying process and registration at the Land Office is quite straight forward.
Documents required from the buyer:
  1. Copies of passport, visa and entry stamp 
  2. Document from the buyer's bank stating that money was transferred into Thailand from overseas in order to purchase the condo.
  3. Documents from the condominium's juristic office stating that there is no management fee owing to the condo and that there is enough quota available in the building for the foreign buyer.
House and Land
Foreigners are not legally able to buy land in Thailand. In the past, ways for foreigners to acquire land in Chiang Mai include:
  1. Setting up a Thai company
  2. Usufruct
  3. Superfices
  4. Long term lease
If you're planning to buy land and build a house, it's possible to purchase using the usufruct, superfices or lease agreements and obtaining a building certificate under your name, so in effect, you own the house on the land. 
Please contact us for more detailed information about purchasing properties in Chiang Mai.